DimEzy™ Knob LED Dimmer

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The DimEzy™ Rotary Controlled LED Trailing Dimmer is perfect for dimmable 240V LED bulbs. It uses trailing edge technology, making it fully compatible with LED dimmable light bulbs and preventing any flickering or buzzing while smoothly dimming bulbs to 0%. This dimmer is designed to be retrofitted to your existing switch wall plate and does not come with one.

Technical Details

Nominal Operating Voltage
Maximum Load
400VA @1 Gang
Minimum Load 5 Watt
Dimming Technique Trailing Edge Phase Control
Mounting Centres 84mm Australian Pattern Plate
Safety Compliance AS/NZ3100, AS/NZ3133, IEC60669-2-1
EMC Compliance AS/NZS CISPR15, IEC60669-2-1 (26.1, 26.2) IEC61000-3-2 (Excepting when used in conjunction with Electronic loads)
Warranty 36 months