October 14, 2022

Genius hacks for LED Light Strip…Part One

Genius hacks for LED Light Strip…Part One - Koala Lamps and Lighting

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) have revolutionised the way we illuminate our abodes. In most cases a cost-effective and creative lighting solution for your home's interior and exterior, the possibilities are endless. While it's a bit more complicated than simply sticking the lights into place, you can buy kits that make installation a breeze. Scroll to check out these bright ideas to use LED strip lights in ways you've never thought of before...

LED strip lights can be easily cut to size or connected to fit perfectly under pieces of furniture, so it looks as though your accent lighting has been expensively custom-made. You don't need to keep bending down to switch them on either, as many come with handy remote controls. Placing LED light strips under cabinets and dressers will maximise the feeling of space. 

Give your living room a cinema vibe by adding LED strip lighting to the back of the TV. Continue the movie night novelty by adding yet more lights under furniture, along coving and under floating shelves. Always make sure the surface you are applying your lighting to is clean and clear of debris otherwise the backing will not adhere.

Think you can't have strip lights in bathrooms? Think again! An easy way to upgrade a tired-looking bathroom is to add waterproof powered strip lighting underneath a wall-hung vanity to create a warm glow that's atmospheric and adds to the feeling of space.

When teamed with other Illuminating accessories LED strip lights can help create an atmospheric scene with glowing character. This teenage bedroom brings the night sky indoors with purple LEDs, a cute crescent moon wall lamp and revolving starry projector light. LED strips are available in an array of colours, to suit any project.

Reflect light off a white kitchen

An all-white kitchen can seem stark when lit conventionally. LED strip lights positioned strategically under counters and above upper cabinetry will offer soft layers of light that will bounce and shine off glossy surfaces creating inviting and contemporary kitchen character. LED light strips can warm up slightly when they’re switched on so, if your LED strips won't be installed on a metal surface, they can be placed inside a metal profile.  

All of these projects and many more are achievable with Koala Lamps

Dot free COB Strip lighting

Dot Free Strip Lighting DIY Kit


From the smallest bathroom jobs to the largest commercial installations, trust us to design, supply, install and even create you your very own self install products. 

For advice please contact us via email sales@koalalamps.com.au or by phone and one of our friendly experts will guide you through the best and most economical solutions tailor made for you. 
Stay tuned for more genius hacks for Strip lighting including outdoor projects

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