Experts Choice LED Downlights

With many LED Downlight fittings available, it can be difficult to choose the right option. This guide has been crafted by our lighting designers with 30 years of experience, to aid you in making the best decision for you.

BEST LOW COST DOWNLIGHT - The RENO downlight is a cost-efficient option for those looking for lighting for areas of lower usage such as laundries, bathrooms, and garages.

BEST MID RANGE DOWNLIGHT - DL110A, DL110B, Lumaxx, KAKADU and ULURU models are widely considered to be among the most economical and attractive downlights available. Their slimline design and remote dimmable driver enable efficient placement in areas with limited space.

BEST LOW GLARE DOWNLIGHT - The MATILDA, LC310, NULLABOR, KATOOMBA, EYRE and the INFINITY 217, 214, 219, 207, 213 & 212 are all low or ultra low glare downlights. The MATILDA & LC310, 

NULLABOR, KATOOMBA, EYRE are ideal for budget conscious buyers, where the INFINITE range offer best in class performance, features, aesthetics and warranty.