Linear Pendant Lights

How high should a Kitchen bench light be?

Pendant lights over kitchen island benchtops should sit about 600-800mm above the surface you are lighting. This is influenced by your personal preference as to the angle you would like to view your pendant from and if you would like the pendant to hang just above your eye line or a bit higher.

How long should a kitchen bench light be?

Length of the Linear Light: The length of the linear light should generally be about two-thirds to three-quarters the length of your kitchen island. This proportion provides a balanced and visually appealing look without overwhelming the island's size.

How long should a Dining table light be?

A good rule is that the pendant should be 50-75% of the table's width. For example, if your table is 100 centimetres wide, pick a pendant light that's 50 to 75 centimetres wide. If you're hanging more than one pendant above the table, you can go for smaller ones. This helps to balance the length of the table.