Portable LED ball Decorative Light, AC Charging, 16 RGB Color Changing 26CM

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With the LED Ball Light, you can bring a little bit of magic to any night. This creative light-up ball has 16 different colors to make your porch or garden look perfect for an evening event. With cordless, waterproof, and shockproof qualities indistinguishable; this egg has all the qualities needed for great outdoor events at night if there's no power source nearby. The remote-controlled light can be set to a single color or the lights will change automatically in a delicious shade of rainbow colour.

Like all our products, it is manufactured to high standards using quality materials free from lead and harmful substances like PVC. It's easily transportable indoors for parties. Don't wait until it gets dark outside before suddenly remembering that you left without enough batteries in your car. Give yourself peace of mind with this LED Light by bringing home one today!


Charging & Battery
240V 50/60Hz Input, 4.2V 1800mAh Output, AUS Standard Charger Adapter
Charge time:
Use a plug to charge in 5 hours
Working time:
Up to 12 hours
Charge port with a waterproof cover on the base of the sphere