IXL Tastic Vivid 3 in 1 - Bathroom Heater, Exhaust Fan & Light

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The new Tastic Vivid 3 in 1 Bathroom Heater, Fan and Light is a fresh addition to IXL's innovative Tastic Classic range.

With its improved airflow, the Tastic Vivid's exhaust fan effortlessly removes steam from your bathroom environment, while the two 275W powerful heat lamps warm you when the chill sets in.

The Tastic Vivid 3 in 1 features a multi-option LED light globe, allowing you to interchange between Warm, Cool and Daylight illumination at the flick of a switch to customise the light setting to your preference.

Powerful Extraction: 310m3/h Airflow

Superior Illumination Centre Light: 10W R80 Multi Option LED (Warm, Cool, Daylight)

Long Lasting Instant Heat: 2 x 275W Infra-Red Heat Lamps

Tastic Vivid Bathroom Ceiling Heater is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia.

Airflow Extraction (m3/h) 310
Heat Lamps 2 x 275W
Minimum Ceiling Height 2.1
Center LED Light (W)  10
Clearance Required above Unit (mm)  75
Cutout Size (mm)  262 x 262
Exhaust Capacity (l/s)  86
Exhaust Capacity (m3/h)  310
Fan Size (mm)  200
Globe Type  10W R80
Half Heat Function  No
Heat Lamps  2 x 275W
Instant Heat  Yes
Made in Australia  Yes
Max. Height of Unit (mm)  210
Max. Ceiling Height (m)  2.4
Min. Ceiling Height (m)  2.1
Area Suitability in Room without Shower  16.15
Area Suitability in Room with Shower  6.466
Watts (Fan in Brackets)  590 (40)
Weight of Unit (kg)  2.8
Centre LED Voltage (W)  10
Centre LED Multi Option Light (Warm White/Cool White/Daylight)  Yes
Min. Ceiling Cavity Required including Clearance (mm)  305
Wall Switch  Yes