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Introducing the new MOLLY portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker with RGB LED - a multi-functional speaker and light. This portable and wireless Bluetooth speaker is perfect for all your needs: from camping to dancing it up in your kitchen. You'll never miss any trendsetter's party with this compact yet powerful device and its long-lasting battery life that lets you enjoy endless hours of music playback. Enjoy the clear sound, dance away to your favourite tunes or bond around a campfire together while hearing pleasant sound quality on the new MOLLY Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker.

With the handle, MOLLY can be hung from trees or carried to enjoy the music on a campfire with your buddies. Or instead of working in the kitchen and jeopardizing your grip on now non-existent oven mitts, you can just reach for these amazing speakers with LED lights that will add life to any situation. The design is sleek and modern enough to look great anywhere without taking up too much room so it's perfect for even small spaces like dorm rooms or townhouses. You'll never have lost audio again!

Summary of Specifications:

  • Quick Pairing: Start the day right with non-stop tunes you want to hear with the Bluetooth speaker that instantly pairs with your phone.
  • Space-saving: Now that you’ve got all this extra space due to the lamp’s minimalistic design, you can place more items on your table to organize your day.
  • Cord-free: Sporting a rugged waterproof design, this speaker is everything you need for your next outdoor adventure or rainy day staycation.
  • Sustainable: Being environmentally conscious never felt better knowing you’ve got a quality, eco-friendly product made of recycled, PE Plastic.
  • Mood-setting: Save MOLLY close by so the next time you head out for a picnic at dusk; all will be calm and serene as she provides perfect lighting when needed - just use her remote control to dial up whatever songs suit your mood!



22cm(l) x 30cm(h)



  • Bluetooth with 15m range
  • Bluetooth functions: play/pause function, volume control/song selection (remote control is included)


  • LED base 3W RGBW: RGB colour changing musical hand lamp
  • FSC Certified (Eco-friendly)
  • Battery: Built-in 4000mAH (up to 6 hours music playback)
  • Speaker: 10W
  • LED light: A++ energy efficiency
  • Material: PE Plastic
  • Protection rating: 1P44