Lava Lamp Replacement Bulb - 5 Pack

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Replacement Lava Lamp Bulb E14 R39 30W Spotlight Screw in Reflector Globe Light Bulb

Product Information:

Voltage (V): 220-240

Socket: E14, 13.6mm

Wattage: 30W

Shape: Reflector

Size: ABT 39 x 65mm

For Lava/ Glitter lamps.

Small screw cap (SES) E14.

Fits lava lamps and many other fittings.

39mm Diameter glass bulb with tungsten filament.

Uses: Bathroom, Bedroom, Children's Bedroom, Children's Playroom, Conservatory, ;etc.

Attachment: E14 Small Screw, SES

Package Include:

5 PCS Bulb