Red Metal Look Truck Table Lamp

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If you're looking for a retro-look table lamp or a new truck collectable, you need this classic red semi-truck LED table lamp to add to your collection. It's a reproduction of a classic trailer-pulling truck in red and silver and features an LED light so it functions as a table lamp to add light to darker areas of your home. The classic-style lorry is metallic red and silver and even has rust detailing to add authenticity. At night it glows from the inside thanks to the LED bulb in the interior, but during the day it just looks like a great retro-style truck ornament sitting on a shelf, table or on top of a dresser in your home.

The truck souvenir lamp is made from poly resin and fiberglass which has a smooth glossy finish and the LED gives off a warm glow when the light is switched on. The truck lamp is about 25cm long and 15cm high and ships in a coloured gift box. It comes with a LED bulb and a 6V DC adapter, so you can just plug it in and enjoy its soft light.