12-24 Volt DC PWM Dimmer with Wireless Remote

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Intended for our low voltage dimmable LED light bulbs, the 12-24 volt DC dimming switch comes with a wireless remote so you can conveniently control the brightness of your dimmable LED light bulbs without the need for going to the wall and fumbling with a dimming switch.

Adjusting your LED light bulbs to your favourite dimness with the remote's brightness indicator wheel is a breeze. The 12-24 Volt DC Dimming Switch with Wireless Remote has a 36-month warranty.

Please note that the battery for the remote is not included.

Technical Details

Product Number 12-24DIM-WR
Working ambient temperature
20 ~ 60°C
1 channel 360W 12-24V (0-30A)
DC 12V-24 30A Dimmer

83 x 79 x 33 mm Control

113 x 55 x 22 mm Remote

Warranty 36 months