DimEzy™ Rotary LED Dimmer with On/Off

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Introducing the DimEzy™ Rotary Controlled LED Trailing-Edge Dimmer, perfect for controlling 240V dimmable LED loads with a maximum capacity of 400W. This dimmer is designed with trailing edge technology, which makes it LED-friendly and fully compatible with dimmable light bulbs & light fittings. With its smooth dimming capabilities, it can dim bulbs to 0% without any flicker and is buzz-free compared to the more common leading-edge dimmers. To turn the lights on or off, simply push the dimmer knob.

Please note that this dimmer does not come with a switch wall plate, as it is meant to be retrofitted to your existing switch wall plate.

Technical Details

Product Number LED-L400DIM-R
Nominal Operating Voltage
Maximum Load
400VA @1 Gang
Minimum Load 5 Watt
Dimming Technique Trailing Edge Phase Control
Mounting Centres 84mm Australian Pattern Plate
Safety Compliance AS/NZ3100, AS/NZ3133, IEC60669-2-1
EMC Compliance AS/NZS CISPR15, IEC60669-2-1 (26.1, 26.2) IEC61000-3-2 (Excepting when used in conjunction with Electronic loads)
Warranty 36 months