EGG Outdoor Garden LED RGB Solar Ball Light Solar charging IP65

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Have you been looking for a reliable and durable outdoor nightlight? Look no further! Introducing the egg LED light, a reliable polyethene ball nightlight.  Egg Solar Light is the perfect solution! This sturdy, colourful egg provides bright colours that change for up to 12 hours on one full charge. Our cordless LED solar nightlights are waterproof as well as shockproof, so there is no need to worry about rain or accidentally dropping it in your garden while trying to plant some flowers! This ball light is durable, which means you can use it anywhere, like at a camping site or BBQ without worry, even if you forgot the porch light!

Unlike some other LED nightlights, this scald-free design can be used in an outdoor garden with no worries about water damaging its inner electronics. With cable management included, there won't be any tangling or cat wiring headaches that come with other similar lighting solutions out there. Best of all, none of Egg's solar power limitations will ever impact your energy bill - unlike competing ball lights that need constant replacements and plugging in at inappropriate times throughout the day.


Size: L 26 cm * H 30 cm

Charging & Battery
Charging: By Solar Charging only

Charge time: 
charge in 5 hours
Working time: 
Up to 12 hours
Charge port with a waterproof cover on the base of the sphere

Unauthorized disassembly of solar products will affect the waterproof system and avoid the warranty terms.