Outdoor 12-24 Volt DC Dimmer with Wireless Remote

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The outdoor Dimming Switch with Remote—is the perfect solution for illuminating your outdoor spaces! With its efficient waterproof design, you can control your outdoor lighting with ease and confidence, even in inclement weather. The dimming switch is compatible with LED lights, and the wireless remote makes adjusting the brightness level a breeze. No need to get up and walk over to the switch whenever you want to change the light levels. Use the remote to dim the lights and keep your outdoor space secure. 

With the smart option, simply connect it to the TUYA app to dim your outdoor LED lights or schedule on and off with a few taps on your phone. It even works with Google Assistant & Alexa. So if you have a smart home, you won’t have a problem integrating this outdoor dimming switch. You can transform your garden or backyard with a simple voice command.

Quick product features:

  • Outdoor 12 to 24-volt DC dimming switch

  • Intended for outdoor use

  • With an IP rating of 67

  • With a handy remote

  • With a brightness indicator wheel for easy light adjustment

  • Can be connected to the TUYA app for smart home integration

  • It comes with a 36-month warranty

Technical Details

Working ambient temperature
25 ~ 60°C
1 channel 360W 12-24V (0-15A)
DC 12V-24 20A Dimmer
Remote Frequency 2.4 GHZ
Warranty 36 months