Happy Birthday Neon Sign Hanging Glowing Party Decoration

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Brighten up a birthday celebration with this eye-catching Randy & Travis Machinery Happy Birthday Neon Sign. This is a generously sized decoration that adds impact in a hall or public venue as well as a great accessory for a birthday party at home. Great for party planners and event organisers, this decoration is mains-powered and comes with a DC connector and brightness control. The decoration is made of silicon neon tubing with LED lighting. This gives a clear, bright illumination that's extremely energy efficient. As the tubing is made of flexible silicon, it won't shatter or crack. The sign doesn't emit heat and can be safely used indoors.

The sign is mounted on two pieces of transparent acrylic board that are connected by decorative chains. Wall mountings are included, or the sign can be hung from a ceiling or other vertical support.


  • Silicon neon tube for added brightness, durability and safety
  • Variable brightness
  • Comes with fixings
  • No need for batteries - mains powered


  • Dimensions: "Happy" is mounted on an acrylic board measuring 20.32 x 42.00cm; "Birthday" is mounted on an acrylic board measuring 20.32 x 58.42cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Material: silicon neon tubing/acrylic board